Blue Streak Time Trial

July 10, 2013

 Rider Team Place Field
Cap City Cross 
Masters 50+ 
  Ed Miner: 3rd, Masters 50+
Ed Miner
After the huge storms cleared, it turned out to be a great day to race. Light winds and reasonable temperatures. Part of the course was flooded, though, so what is usually a loop was turned into an out-and-back. I have been struggling to feel good in time trials so far this year. Today was the first time I felt pretty good. The only glitch today - I hit a bump with about a mile to go and jarred my computer sensor into my front wheel spokes. I was going about 28 mph and it made a terrible noise. I thought I had broken spokes. I had to scrub my speed and move the sensor out of the way. Fortunately the wheel was okay. Messing with that probably cost me a good 15 seconds. Even so, I averaged 24.5 mph and felt almost back to normal. Next month I'll be shooting to get that average over 25. I placed third out of 11 or 12 in my age group. I was 18th overall out of about 100 riders. The overall is 12 places better than last month.