Calvin's Challenge

May 5, 2012

 Rider Team Place Field
Westerville Bike Club 
Age Group 
Team Jeni's 
Masters 40+ 
  Shari Heinrich: 1st, Age Group
Shari Heinrich
6-hour race: As corrections have come in (major boo-boos by vendor who had transponders--they weren't able to capture our chips riding, so every loop required a dismount and run across the timing pads), looks like I'm 2nd in my age group, and now I'm the 5th woman overall. Covered 107 miles, of which 5:51 was riding time. My "course record" for my age group was short-lived, as another woman not previously listed in the 40-44 field popped in during corrections, and she was at 111 miles. We still pale in comparison to what the 1st woman overall did (124 or so, if I heard right).

Great rotating paceline when it established a few miles in, requiring some mentoring of the riders new to a paceline, period. Kudos to Mike Perakis & Amy Rees (both are members of WBC and Roll), Don, young Alex, and others who helped us hum along. After the 50-mile loop, it became Mike, Amy, Alex, and me. But Alex had given his all in the first 50, and he dropped off before we'd completed the first 7. I think it was 3 laps (so 21) with Amy and Mike, then they needed a breather but I wanted to continue on. So I got good use of my aero bars the rest of the race. Super happy with how I did. Couldn't have gotten that last mile without the downhill tailwind to kick the pace back up, and hammer through the corner to get me to the mile marker. Whew, long day, but again, super happy with how I did.

Day started with overcast, haze slow to burn off--about 2.5 hours, and nice starting temp in the 60s. Wind stayed quite reasonable out the NE at 9-10. Guess I'll have to do this again next year, but don't think I'll ever try the 12-hour race. Those folks are nuts!
  Ed Miner: 3rd, Masters 40+
Ed Miner
101 miles in 4:57. Third in my age group, fifth overall. My goal was to finish in under five hours. Two years ago, I missed by a minute, last year by five seconds. This year, three minutes to spare.