- Ohio UCI Cyclocross Festival Weekend - Middletown, presented by Java Johnny's - UCI C2

October 9, 2010

 Rider Team Place Field
Team Jeni's 
Women 3-4 
ALAN North American Cycling Team 
Masters 40+ 
RGF Solutions Cycling Team 
Cat 2-3 
B1 Bicycles 
Cat 2-3 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 2-3 
  Patrice Lehocky: 18th, Women 3-4
Patrice Lehocky
Huge field, great course and perfect weather!
  Chris Freter: 19th, Masters 40+
Chris Freter
Java Johnny's - It's funny, last year my least favorite course and yet this year my best finish of the weekend. It was another hot, very dusty, should have put my water bottle cage back on the bike race. Again the Cat.3 Masters 45+ started behind the Cat.3 Masters 35+ and the Cat.2-3. You could count to five slowly before we got to turn a pedal and why sprint up the road to the first right hander, when you could ride easy to the pile up, wait for it to unclog and continue with the race. It was fun and fast, I just needed water. I thank everyone from Columbus I heard cheering me on this weekend, It made the race race even better for me. I worked the pits for ALAN, mainly water feed to day because of the heat and dust.
  Johnathan Freter: 27th, Cat 2-3
Johnathan Freter
150 people on the start line. I started really far back and got a back start. I was held up by alot of traffic but I felt good.
  Andy Hagueasaurus: Field, Cat 2-3
Andy Hagueasaurus
Huge field and tight course as usual at Middletown. Fortunately, there was time to ride the course before my race started. Unfortunately, all 200 riders from my start time and others were on the course at the same time trying to warm up and learn the course. As I was riding along slowly behind a group I saw a rider out of the corner of my eye come from behind, lock bars with me and crash us both! I ended up with a bloody knee, torn bar tape, and a bent valve on my front wheel. I thought my bad luck was over for the weekend, but little did I know what was still left to come.

Once the race started, I had a decent start and was riding pretty steady on the first lap until I made the turn just after the pits and my rear tire washed out. I thought I just went a little too fast until I had it happen several corners later, when I realized I had a flat that was going down fast. Unfortunately, I had just passed the pits so I had to do a combination of riding slow and running to get back to the pits to get a spare wheel. Of course this put me so far behind, that I was within the 80% of the leaders time on the next lap and was pulled. At least I made it 3 of 6 laps.
  Spencer Hackett: Field, Cat 2-3
Spencer Hackett
First time with big fields, tight, winding course, and I didn't have fun. Just wasn't my day on a bicycle. Learned that I should at least ride to enjoy it.